The Grand Chapter of Connecticut
Order of the Eastern Star, Inc.

The Grand Chapter of Connecticut Order of the Eastern Star, Inc.

The CT Snowflakes Grand Family 2018 - 2019

Grand Officers

Worthy Grand Matron

Worthy Grand Patron

Associate Grand Matron

Associate Grand Patron (protem)

Grand Secretary

Grand Treasurer

Grand Conductress

Associate Grand Conductress

Grand Chaplain

Grand Marshal

Grand Organist

Grand Adah

Grand Ruth

Grand Esther

Grand Martha

Grand Electa

Grand Warder

Grand Sentinel

Anne M M Kellner (106)

J Arthur Carbonaro (11)

Jennifer L Willich (53)

William L Greene (116)
Marilyn C Mattoon, PGM (110)

Paul H Rice, PGP (11)

Suzanne L Wilson (100)

Linda W Stephens (45)

Caroline V Maselli (75)

Sharen A Ames (11)

Evelyn I Montano (20)

Nancy M Gimbel (20)

Grace M Rettburg (53)

Elizabeth M Warner (57)

Patricia M Hubert (103)

Mary Ellen Blake (106)

Sandra L Allen (26)

Robert H Everest (100)

Grand Officers Emeritus

Grand Secretary Emeritus

Grand Treasurer Emeritus

Grand Treasurer Emeritus

Meryon S Miner, PGM (53)

Anne-Marie M Arnold, PGM (53)

Francine A Bailey, PGM (53)

General Grand Chapter Committee Members


International Headquarters


Service Dogs

Carl P Larson, PGP (110)

Joyce L Armonath, PGM (111)

Roger D Larson, PGP (45)

Gail C Evarts, PGM (17)

Themes and Projects

AIM: To recognize and embrace each individual's skills and abilities, improve communications, while keeping our sights on slowly and steadily increasing our membership.

EMBLEM: Snowflakes (WGM) and Tortoises (WGP)


COLORS: Raspberry & Gold (WGM), Federal Blue & Silver (WGP)

FLOWERS: Yellow Roses & Stargazer Lilies (WGM), Tulips (WGP)

SCRIPTURE: Finally, be you all of one mind, have compassion of one another, love as brother and sister, be tenderhearted, be courteous.  (1 Peter 3:8)

Ongoing Projects:

   CT Grand Chapter General Fund

   Robert Morris Relief Fund



Special Projects:

   American Cancer Society

   Masonicare Quality of Life

   Tabs for Tots

   Youth Scholarships

   Service Dogs